IT Ethics: Microsoft’s Ethical Responsibilty [Update]

Since MS fought very hard to reach its market position, it feel for my that its their ethical responsibility to take care of this unhealthy IT monopoly situation.
If this proofs right, we need discussions and solutions for this problem.

And there is another problem: Does it make sense to change MS business modell to the Open Source business model? The quality of Open Source software is higher, therefore the whole business would profit from this advantige. Because it should not be the first goal for MS to find the next big (economical) thing or to copy working ‚Next big things‘, but to be Best-in-Class in software quality. Because the responsibility, that MS has for the IT branche is very very great (not only 97% off all OS but 42% of the whole IT branche as well!). Therefore the whole business branches would benefit. We need discussions and solutions about this as well.

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